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Lomar Associates ~ Medical Management Services
352 Park Street, 101 West, North Reading, MA 01864
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How is our work received by Lomar Associates?
We receive work by fax, mail, e-mail as an attached file, or access to your Electronic Medical Record Billing Summary Reports. Local area physicians can have their work picked up by courier.

How does Lomar communicate with medical staff?
Your office can reach us by telephone, e-mail, or fax.

Is feedback provided on the encounter forms sent to Lomar's billing office?
Nothing is ever "Just keypunched" into the database for billing. Lomar 's billers are diligent in advising a medical provider of specific problems with information provided. Our goal is to transmit a clean claim the first time out; if there are problems with patient registrations, unverified insurance coverage, diagnosis and procedure conflicts, and incomplete documentation to substantiate a claim, the medical practice is informed, and if necessary, training is provided. We have one saying to all our healthcare providers: If it isn't documented, it did not happen. Be assured insurance companies will retract money if documentation is inadequate upon a review.

How do you manage our accounts receivable?
Accounts receivable management is the most time consuming aspect of the medical billing process. Our first job is to scan original submission reports from the clearing house and the insurance carriers to see if all claims passed their system review. Due to enforced time constraints, we act immediately on resolution of denied claims and track denial trends. Follow-up is an on-going process with constant communication between the insurance carrier and the physician's office. Second and third insurance payers are billed after primary payment is made and patients are billed and contacted if their statement is not paid on the fourth bill cycle. (This is typically a physician's request-we can contact a patient after the second or third billing cycle.)

Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident claims are acted on weekly with extensive communication on problem accounts. If claim denials are due to coding errors, training is provided to the medical provider.

Do you routinely audit our accounts?
Due to the implementation of Electronic Medical Records, Lomar has the opportunity to audit records when we encounter problems with a particular practice and make recommendations to the provider for proper coding and documentation. As we prepare for ICD10, we will be more aggressive with the diagnosis code choices in the record to future train offices to crosswalk to the new coding system.


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Lomar Associates ~ Medical Management Services
352 Park Street, 101 West, North Reading, MA 01864
Tel: 978-658-5577  Fax: 978-658-5587




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